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Sunday, August 15, 2010

when i secured myself a seat on that flight bound for Singapore last week, i knew what i was getting myself into. cause leaving after 5 days of bliss was gon be as painful as it was the first time. and yes it was. knowing exactly what it was i was going back to - the solitary life, was simply overwhelming.

there must be a fine line between the solitary life and loneliness. i guess solitude is something you seek, something you choose. loneliness, isn't a way of life. it consumes you and eats you whole. before you know it, loneliness has taken the shape of an entire town, and every intersection has a different anguish waiting to gut you, every street has a dark turn to swallow you up, and everyone you meet carries the same face. his face. white and blank, and you just know his name is Uncertainty.

thought i knew better. thought i would have gotten used to this lifestyle by nw. yes, you must think being away from home, living this life must be all peaches and cream. but it isn't all that. yes, there are the perks and i enjoy that but i'm paying for it. with every ounce of my emotions i pay. there are days i wonder if i'm made for this, if i can stay for 3 years..if others could/can do it, then why can't i? what happened to the strong individual i thought i was? circumstances changed the way i think. things i hear, things i see. funny hw i used to think running away frm my problems wld be the best solution, back then i only wanted a clean slate - a slate just like this one, just to be away frm it all. nw i want to go back, just to be with the one i love, the people i love. the comfort zone i miss oh so much. why is the fcking grass always greener on the other side?

on second thoughts, i think i've succumbed myself to the loneliness. so i only have myself to blame. i don't get out much to meet my friends, i think a lot abt hm. i don't make the best of my time. i exhaust myself with work, i sleep too much. it's having the reverse effect on me. ugh!

♥the trick is to keep breathing 8:16 PM

Thursday, July 1, 2010


.... was lovely (the old victorian buildings esp). what was even more lovely, was the weather - 16 degrees outside and sunny still. needless to say, i tried to keep warm cause i'm not used to that kinda 'summer'...i'm made for the likes of singapore's heat and the sandy dunes here in dubai.i just woke up, and it's sunny outside.

i'm jet-lagged and my body is confused. doesn't help that in a day i will be back in the same time zone again. -_- london day after tmr. anyway i managed to take a train into Piccadilly. and i fell in love with the town almost immediately. but i can't see myself actually living there. everytime i visit some place, i always wonder what life would be like actually living there, i guess i'm born and bred asian...can you see yourself waking up everyday having scones and tea for breakfast the rest of your life? or scrambled eggs with bacon rashes? i only say that because i can picture myself making a life out of living in one other place outside singapore and no it's not even here in dubai (don't see myself here for too long...) but it's thailand. i shall spare everyone, i won't get into too much details. ha. well i digress, back to manchester..of course everyone has heard of Primark? well who hasn't? the crew warned me abt the place and believe i cld have been there for an entire day and not be done with shopping. provided i had the spending power. not just yet...maybe in abt 2 months i will. but i still managed to spend 60 poounds on really good deals might i add! plus i'm going back to london in a day, so i'ma see what the Primark there has to off but these i bought...

can't wait to shop more as i trot the globe. :) i bought some stuff for the boyf and the bestfriend as well but i didn't take pics, then it wldn't be fun when i actually give it to them on my return. hehe, so wait for it guys!

anyway i was thoroughly pleased with the crew on this flight. only because the crew you fly with either make it or break it. and if they're a horror even a short 45 min flight to doha can seem forever. and all the stories i've heard abt this flight was enough to make me wanna offload myself. of course there were some glitches here and there on the flight there and back but nothing i cldn't have handled. i've had worse and maybe there's worse to come. what do you expect working in the service industry for a top notch airline? so gotta suck it up and brace myself for what's to come. some days i wanna just scream or pull my hair out. but oh well, this comes with the perks of the job eh?

it's officially July, which means i have exactly 26 days before my return to Singapore. parents are clueless and i like to keep it that way cause i'm surprising them. just can't wait to see the loooks on their faces...and i'm that much closer to being back in my lovers arms. ohhhh, the feeling is gon be simply euphoric! this month's gon be good, i can feel it. :D

hw half a year has gone by just like that! time flies....xxx

♥the trick is to keep breathing 6:23 AM

Friday, June 25, 2010

OMG! finally.

since i got my ass to the UAE, i've been trying to figure out how to log into my blogger account without the browser opening up in Arabic. and today i finally figured it out...ha, i'm such a noob i know!

i knw how inactive i've been with regards to my blog. only cause i never really found the time to update when i was back in singapore. but i reckon having a lot of time on my hands and nowhere to really gash those emotions here in dubai, so yes i've decided to regurgitate my thoughts and random ramblings on my blog all over again :) so bare with me.

well it's 2022hrs here in dxb and i plan to stay up will 11 or so cause i've a flight to Nairobi, Kenya later in the morning and if i get in bed now i'd obviously wake up in the middle of the night and attempt to count some sheeps to fall back aslp which becomes an epic failure. so i end up dragging my ass out of bed and find myself grumpily hitting the shower before going to work. so since i've learnt my lesson, i will force myself to stay awake till i need to sleep. gotta fight this horrible body clock.

with that said, i'm gon read a book or Grazia (my new favorite local magazine here in dubai) till then. muchos love and have a fab weekend all! xx

♥the trick is to keep breathing 9:37 AM

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TIP: When in Malaysia, smoke like a Singaporean.

And remember, to stock up on the shades..you never know when it might get sunny!

October was a month i has highly looking forward to. And who knew it would come and go in a flash? The first reason being it marks the next three months worth of partying and secondly my massive trip to Malaysia. And when i say massive trip, it's an understatement. Words cannot describe how fcking crazy it was! It was an out of this world experience altogether. Four nights i am too afraid to relive. I'm happy to be alive! Ha..Ohh and did i mention we stayed in this really dodgy place for 2 nights at Genting called Apartment Riaa. Apparently the boys knew it was haunted and not just any haunted place, but Malaysia's TOP 3 HAUNTED PLACES. i am not even gon elaborate cause i still get the chills, cause i had my own encounters there..but here's an article we found after we got back. and lets just say our encounters were kinda similar..


With that said November is round the corner and i am excited and more than prepared for what's to come. So bring it on! Cause i'm not the girl i was exactly a year ago. Throw me in the gutter, hell i'll find my way out.

I can't wait to go back to work next week but before i do i am gon be painting my room this week. Yes, i am going back to my purple dayss. I miss it and mommy gave me the green light to paint cause the current paint is just a year old. Revamping your room can be rather therapeutic don't you think? Aye aye!

:) Ok folks, have yourselves a good mid-week! i'll update when time permits.


♥the trick is to keep breathing 5:53 PM

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


♥the trick is to keep breathing 1:18 PM

Saturday, September 5, 2009


so i didn't blog for an entire month. which is highly unlike me but i just didn't feel the urge to. well well, lets just say i have a lot more time in my hands now..i'm also back to being a pauper so i shall make full use of my unproductivity doing some things productive. :)

i wish there were exciting news of sorts i could update you guys with but truth be told, my life isn't as colorful as it used to be. but one thing i do know, I AM CONTENT with the little things i have. i've found my comfort zone, my happy place. somehow i know that's all i need right now. with that said, september is finally here so this is where the major countdown begins. it's ramadan, so of course we've to respect our fellow muslims who are fasting but can i also add that the end of ramadan is what i'm gearing up for. i mean aren't the last three months of the year the most happening? that's when the festivities kick in, holidays, partying, shopping...preps for christmas etc! speaking of which i won't be in singas this christmas! yay. :D

so where was i? yes end of ramadan, beginning of OCT! wooots. going away for a mini-party out of the country, location: strictly confidential. could be vegas? haha. ohh well.

i'm not gon go too into detail. but i'm stoked as hell. well am home on a saturday, it's 2:06am and i can't get to bed. read i shall...

Bought this from Borders last week...

HOW TO TELL IF YOUR BOYFRIEND IS THE ANTICHRIST. (and if he is should you break up with him)

How to tell your boyfriend is an alcoholic:

*drank your nail polish remover during a snowstorm
*turned his glove compartment into a minibar
*he's bidding on new livers
*banned for life from your office holiday party
*you have a special pail you keep by the bed when he sleeps over

Should you break up with him?
Have the serenity to accept what you cannot change-your boyfriend isi drunk. Right now, he's fun, he's wild, he's the life of the party. But in a few years he'll be bloated, angry, unemployed loser, stealing small bills from your purse to buy a pint and picking fights at family get-togethers. BREAK UP!

so that was a lil tip from my book. :) ohh and for all you GG fanatics, gossip girl airs on 8th sep! One tree hill on the 14th! September looks good too! It's gon make time pass quicker. Yay!



♥the trick is to keep breathing 10:53 AM

Sunday, July 26, 2009


alot has happened since i last blogged. i don't even know where to begin. i rarely use my laptop..infact hardly ever..hence the lack of updates! but if you've been following my twitter on this page it pretty much sums up my day to day happenings. sorry to all you twitter-haters out there but i'm totally hooked on it. :)

firstly the most interesting thing going on for me now would be yoga! yes i finally got down to it and signed up for classes at True Yoga and it really has been an experience in itself. it truly is a whole body, mind and soul experience. inspired by EAT PRAY LOVE. there's more to it than just yoga. there are so many other classes i've yet to attend. like body combat and pilates. it's unlimited and works round my schedule. speaking of which i'm job hunting..still employed but i wanna do something i'm passionate about. this 4/3 day work week with a killer 14 hr shift is not working especially when it's a job with no prospect. plus it might have been a temporary thing but i ought to do something i love. like an internship with a company. even if it pays peanuts..i need to establish myself. my current job pays well, but it doesn't help when you dread waking up for work at some point and head to the same monotonous and mundane routine every darn day. so i applied for a couple of jobs related to my field. we'll see how it goes. if it goes well, i swear i'd be the happiest person!

can't believe it's almost aug! time does fly. should be a good month. counting on it! hope it is for the rest of you tooo.

off to hit the sack now..much loveee.

♥the trick is to keep breathing 8:39 AM